About Kwunphi

Shenzhen Kwunphi Robot Co., LTD., founded in 2018 in Shenzhen, is a national high-tech enterprise founded by the senior management team of international well-known robot enterprises.

With the mission of providing wall mobile robot technology solutions worldwide, The company is specialized in the research and development, production and commercialization of high quality wall mobile robots, and is the world's leading AI technology application enterprise.

The research and development team of Kwunphi has broken through the technical restricted area of high-precision positioning and control of glass wall environment, and effectively solved the difficulty of the control technology of gravity sliding position correction of the wall. The Tianyunos wall autonomous movement control platform was established based on four core technologies, namely "adsorption and movement efficiency", "Glass vSLAM vision technology", "Goodzenn path planning algorithm" and "wall motion control". The Kwun developed by Kwunphi is the world's first fully autonomous photovoltaic cleaning robot, with a cleaning efficiency of 33% higher than manual, clean as new and simple and convenient. Listed by the market since the warm feedback demand.

Kwunphi solar clean robot have more than 100 core intellectual property rights and proprietary technologies, and has established r&d pipelines for a variety of innovative wall robot products in the fields of big data, security, new energy, communication, entertainment and so on, covering a variety of indoor and outdoor wall cleaning, detection, patrol, data collection and other application scenarios. More advanced technology products will be released in the future.

After three years and six generations, Kwunphi, the world's first photovoltaic module cleaning robot based on visual positioning, was put into commercial application in 2021. It has been successively used in the projects of State-owned enterprises such as China State Power Investment Corporation, China Power Construction Corporation, China Energy Construction Corporation, China General Nuclear Power Corporation, Guangzhou Development And Guangdong Electric Power Corporation, and has been exported to more than 20 countries and regions.

Origin of company name "Kwunphi" and product name "Kwun"

Richard Chen, the founder of the company, has always wanted to solve the problem of unmanned cleaning of glass curtain walls. The core is how to develop a mobile robot that can autonomously locate and navigate on the glass wall + autonomously plan the path. This is a technology dream that many people want to achieve, and previous technology approaches have had drawbacks.

Richard Chen believes that visual positioning navigation is the only answer to this problem. The form of the robot with visual positioning and navigation is likely to be a multi-legged reptile robot, especially the stick insect in insects. The structural characteristics of the stick insect are very suitable for the development direction of modular connection robot, so it is named "Strange insect"(怪虫).

Kwunphi was founded in June 2018. In addition, the company has developed multi-legged robots and bipedal robots that move autonomously in the facade, but the company has found that the unmanned cleaning of the glass wall is an itch market rather than a pain point market. At this time by the government recommended photovoltaic module cleaning topic, after investigation Richard Chen was very firmly believe that: we can not only this market, but also to bring revolutionary changes to the market, Kwunphi technology dimension reduction development of photovoltaic autonomous cleaning robot has an absolute success grasp.

Photovoltaic module cleaning is a dusty business, and company's job is to tear everything down and reinvent the technology in a new direction. So the company thought of how to connect the name of "Strange insect" and "dust", a soil on the left and an insect on the right(堒), very recognizable, no one will mispronounce, and match “Strange insect” which is the company name.

Company firmly believe that a decade later, a lot of people in the world using "Kwun", after 20 years the dictionary may add a "Kwun" explanation: "kwun is made ,designed and manufactured by Shenzhen kwunphi robot co., LTD., it’s a trackless type all autonomous mobile photovoltaic module cleaning robot,”Kwun” is a registered trademark of the company, has become the synonym for the photovoltaic module cleaning robots."

Kwun was the first commercial robot of this company , to commemorate the Kwun, the company made an English name as "kwunphi", It consists of two parts: "kwun" and "phi", "kwun" as the product name," phi “is the 21st Greek letter "φ", representing the golden section 0.618. The golden section is known as "the most valuable algorithm among all kinds of algorithms". Kwunphi is famous for advanced algorithm optimization, which also fits the company's product philosophy of "turning the rigor of natural science into harmony and beauty of products".